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Phone:   (863) 494-4222
Fax:   (863) 494-0389
Email:   Office of the Superintendent 
Postal Address:   P.O. Drawer 2000
Arcadia, Florida  34265
Street Address:  

530 LaSolona Avenue
Arcadia, Florida  34266

It is not the intent of The School District of DeSoto County for any of our publicly presented information to be inaccessible for any user. Please view our site map at the base of this page for a full outline of our actively linked pages. If you have difficulty accessing any portion of this site, or those in association with any of our schools, please contact our web administrator at with a description of the file, link or page you are attempting to access.


For information on filing any grievance with this office regarding website accessibility, please follow this link and complete the accompanying procedures: 


Please note, all messages of this nature should be addressed to the attention of Superintendent Adrian H. Cline.

530 LaSolona Avenue, Arcadia FL. 34266 | Phone: 863.494.4222 | Fax:863.494.0389